ROS Autonomous Navigation

Learn to make your robot move autonomously in any envirnoment

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ROS Autonomous Navigation

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Set up workspace

git clone
cd Robotics_ws
git submodule update --init --recursive
source devel/

Note: Do not add Robotics_ws in your catkin_ws/src

I am just using the folder name Robotics_ws instead of catkin_ws

Atom Robot

roslaunch atom world.launch

Atom ROS Simultation

Autonomous Navigation


sudo apt install ros-noetic-dwa-local-planner
sudo apt install ros-noetic-gmapping


Terminal 1:

roslaunch atom gmapping_demo.launch

Terminal 2:

rosrun teleop_twist_keyboard cmd_vel:=/atom/cmd_vel

Gmapping using Lidar

Terminal 3:

cd <location to save map>
rosrun map_server map_saver -f map

Local Map of the enviroment


Terminal 1:

roslaunch atom localization.launch

Terminal 2:

rosrun teleop_twist_keyboard cmd_vel:=/atom/cmd_vel

Now you after moving bot a little you will be able to see that it is able to localize itself properly.

Rough Position Estimates

Terminal 1:

roslaunch atom navigation.launch

Use RVIZ for 2D Navigation

Starting Position

Atom Robot Moving Autonomously